GHI Electronics

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FEZ Cerberus Mainboard FEZ Cerberus Mainboard FEZ Cerberus Mainboard is a 100% open source hardware .NET Gadgeteer-compatible mainboard with 168Mhz 32bit Cortex M4 processor... $39.95
FEZ Mini FEZ Mini The FEZ Mini is a tiny board running Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. This means you can write code with much more efficiency... $18.95
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Ethernet J11D Module Ethernet J11D Module This Ethernet Module gives a Gadgeteer main board instant access to networks and the internet. Not all Ethernet modules work on... $19.95
FEZ Touch FEZ Touch This 2.4 inch TFT display has full 16-bit color graphics at 240x320 pixels. The touch screen panel makes it ideal for compact... $49.95
LightSense Module LightSense Module This sensor measures light intensity. Specifications Socket: A Size: 17mm x 22mm Weight: 2g 3.3V Consumption : <1mA 5V... $9.40
FEZ Cobra Main Board FEZ (Fast and Easy!) Cobra is a tiny board running Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. This allows developers to write code with more... $49.95
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Button Module Button Module Button Module for Gadgeteer compatible devices. This module is equipped with an on-board configurable LED. Features Socket: X or... $7.95
Load Module Load Module The 3A 50V transistors allows the control of high current loads, such as relay, motors, solenoids, high current LEDs. To protect... $29.00
RFID Reader Module RFID Reader Module With this module, you can read any 125Khz RFID tags. We included 2 ISO cards to demo the module's functionality. Specifications... $35.00
FEZ Spider Starter Kit FEZ Spider Starter Kit FEZ Spider Starter Kit is the first commercially available .NET Gadgeteer-compatible kit. it includes everything necessary for... $249.95
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Camera Module Camera Module This USB Camera Module can stream images as large as 320x240 with up to 20fps on smaller images. Requires a gadgeteer mainboard... $40.50
Display T35 Module Display T35 Module 320x240 3.5" Color Display Module with a Touch Screen. Features Socket: R,G,B for LCD and optional T for touch Size: 78mm x 83mm... $109.95
FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit includes the essential modules needed to run FEZ Cerberus mainboard. This kit is targeted for contributors... $63.00
FEZ Hydra Basic Kit FEZ Hydra Basic Kit FEZ Hydra Basic Kit includes the essential modules needed to get started with FEZ Hydra. The kit includes: FEZ Hydra Mainboard... $126.00
FEZ Spider Mainboard FEZ Spider Mainboard FEZ Spider Mainboard is a .NET Gadgeteer-compatible mainboard based on GHI Electronics EMX module. This makes FEZ Spider... $129.95
Gadgeteer Cable Pack Gadgeteer Cable Pack This pack includes 10 of 10cm .NET Gadgeteer compatible cable. Cable Specifications Connector: 10 pins (2x5); 1.27mm x 1.27mm... $25.95
Gadgeteer Socket SMT Gadgeteer Socket SMT This 10pin SMD Gadgeteer Socket is the same one used on all .NET Gadgeteer modules and mainboards. It is good for making... $2.35
Joystick Module Joystick Module This Joystick Module can measure position coordinates on the X and Y axis by moving the "hat". It also contains a switch that is... $9.95
MicroSD Card Module MicroSD Card Module Same functionality as the full-size SD module but this one is much smaller supporting MicroSD cards. Please use the full-size-SD... $9.95
Moisture Module Moisture Module This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil or detect if there is water around the sensor, let the plants in... $11.20
Motor Driver L298 Module Motor Driver L298 Module This motor driver module controls the speed and direction on 2 DC motors, up to 40V 3A. The module itself is powered and... $39.95
RS232 Module RS232 Module Converts any UART (U or K socket) into a standard RS232 interface. Specifications Socket: U or K Size: 47mm x 39mm Weight: 16g... $23.50
Temp&Humidity Module Temp&Humidity Module Temp&Humidity sensor module for Gadgeteer. This Module was equipped with a SHT11 sensor, which measures relative humidity and... $24.95
WiFi RS21 Module WiFi RS21 Module Thanks to GHI's months of research and engineering, WiFi is available on FEZ Spider with minimal efforts to the end user. This is... $79.95
XBee Adapter Module XBee Adapter Module Digi international offers a verity of wireless modules in a standard form-factor. Modules range from low power Zigbee modules,... $19.95