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55-piece LED Variety Pack

55-piece LED Variety Pack

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LEDs are a great way to get some amazing blinkiness to any electronics project. This kit has all kinds and colours and is a great addition to any laboratory or home workshop! There are 5 of each type of led in red, blue, white, green, yellow and 5 RGB common cathode LEDs.

Pack includes

  • 10x red LED (5mm)
  • 10x blue LED (5mm)
  • 10x white LED (5mm)
  • 10x green LED (5mm)
  • 10x yellow LED (5mm)
  • 5x RGB common cathode LED

Specifications for non-rgb LEDs

  • Size: 5mm
  • Current: 20ma
  • Forward voltage:
  • Red: 1.8-2.3v
  • Blue: 3.2-3.4v
  • White: 3.2-3.4v
  • Green: 3.2-3.4v
  • Yellow: 1.8-2.3v

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