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ZeroCross Tail 240 Kit

ZeroCross Tail 240 Kit

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A power cord that detects the zero voltage cross points for phase control (light dimming) applications. Use with the Arduino or other microcontroller and our PowerSSR Tail to phase control ac power. (The ZeroCross Tail provides the sync pulse signal only and by itself will not deliver phase controlled power.)

Applications include light dimmers (Arduino sample sketch or variable dimmer) and motor speed controls.


  • Open collector output for interface to any microcontroller. A pull up resistor (10K ohm) to an external power source is required for logic level signal output.
  • Works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and other 3.3 or 5 volt MCUs.
  • Output isolation from ac side greater than 5000vrms.
  • Power is extended to receptacle side power cord providing a convenience outlet (up to 12 amps).
  • Built-in LED indicates active output.
  • No exposed mains voltages and no dangerous mains wiring required. Can be installed by non-technical users: Instruction sheet.
  • Plugs into standard 3-prong household outlets, power strips, and extension cords.


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